sms marketing in nepal

SMS Marketing in Nepal is next big thing in the Internet. How? In Nepal, almost every adult above age 16 owns a Phone now, think about it. Reportedly, it’s been found around 90% of adults have a Phone (a Smart Phone actually). Just when everyone is trying to get online for business promotion SMS marketing in Nepal might just be one of the things to give attention to. Why? Because it’s fastest method to spread the reach of your message.

Email Marketing is another option. It is less costly as well as reliable but everyone (except professionals) doesn’t actually use emails and most of the emails are even sent to spam. Facebook advertising is effective but the cost is high. Google advertising is just effective for limited features, also cost is too high for a CPC campaign. In these conditions, SMS can be considered as one of the most efficient method for marketing.

Why SMS Marketing in Nepal?

SMS Marketing in Nepal is growing with time and many people have already started promoting business with it's services. There are various reasons for using SMS promotions in Nepal. Like:

  • Guaranteed Customer Attention

You are probably glued to a phone at this very moment, Right? Smart Phones and Tablets seem to be replacing computers at a quicker rate. And why wouldn’t they when you are getting all the functionalities of a computer inside a little phone which you can carry anywhere in a pocket. A computer has become valuable to only those who are getting some work done like Designers, Developers or Officials. Though Smartphones can’t replace all functionalities of a computer but people wouldn’t use a computer to send an email or to read a newspaper. In this case, SMS Marketing can be considered to be effective as there is a 100% chance that he/she will definitely read the message.


  • Pay Per Message (Cost Effective)

You can always choose a SMS package of your comfort and pay only for the messages sent. It’s even easier if you are sending a Bulk Message. Write a message, Choose the numbers and send it. As simple as it gets you can even save all the details easy for future references. Receivers now can’t deny they didn’t get your message, can they? and you can always know if they received the message or not


  • Scheduling Messages

You can send a scheduled message in a certain date and time to your selected contacts. If the opening date of some event is few days in the future, you can create a message today and schedule it for one or two day before the event. No worries about forgetting to send messages.


  • Tracking

You can now track if your message is successfully sent or not. Intelligent Messaging systems will even tell you details about who the receiver is, when was the message seen and If the link was clicked or not as well. This can definitely help in your campaign. You can either run the campaign for a longer time if you are getting enough traffic and ROI or just terminate it and run another one.


  • Mobile & Eco-friendly

You don’t have to meet anyone in person anyone anymore. Thanks to SMS. SMS Marketing is more effective then email as it compatible almost every device. Even a device from 80’s can view a message but not an email (not that anyone use it anymore).


  • Voting/Polling

You can pull most out of the visitors via SMS voting and polling for big competitions like Nepal Idol, Miss or Mister Nepal or others and benefit from it. The more vote, the more benefit. Isn’t it awesome? You can always advertise your multiple businesses at the single time via SMS Marketing.


If you are looking to promote your business via SMS Marketing in Nepal, you are in the right place. Contact Us here or to our corporate office Podamibe Nepal and we will get you started in no time.

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