Reasons To Choose SMS Marketing Over Email Marketing

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SMS Advertising over Email Marketing, Why?

Email Marketing is one of the most reliable method for Digital Marketing Campaigns and will be for maybe forever. Email Marketing campaign are mostly carried out by marketers with high number of followers or subscribers and is seen efficient to increase sales. As emails are mostly used by professionals you are likely to receive genuine customers with real intentions of engagement. But still with all due respect for emails, I would prefer SMS over it. The reason, the efficiency.

For example, if you want someone’s quick response to the message how would you inform him, via email or a SMS. Let’s be more formal. You are hosting an event tomorrow or few days from today let’s say a musical ceremony. You want everyone in the town to know about the event so they would book the ticket for the event. Now, will you be composing an email to inform them or just message them. Of course, SMS is the best option here. Why? Because they might open their email after days or maybe won’t even look at all. People don’t constantly check their emails every now and then, do they? But phone, they won’t leave it until the Armageddon.

Almost 90% of youth today are addict, an addict to their phone. So, why don’t you take benefit from it. Messages are delivered within an instant, a hassle-free delivery with much better ROI.

The Statistics

Researchers have confirmed that SMS rates are 95% high as compared to the 20% of the emails. But also, approximately 70% of people reported they would like to receive a message via SMS over email. And its delineated people take 90 seconds on average to respond to a message and around 2 hours to an email on average. Is email on brink of extinction? not exactly. SMS Advertising might rise above email in the near future but email stands still.

According to Statista, the total number of email users are approx.4 billion with around 5.6 billion active email accounts by 2019 and rising.  Whereas, the total number of mobile messaging users are rising 2 billion and is supposed to surpass 3 billion mark with this trajectory. Nevertheless, though no exact report, people send approx. 6 trillion messages from their phone each day by 2018 whereas the number of emails sent per day is roughly 281 billion. The challenge in email marketing is even with 281 billion emails being sent per day, nearly 50% emails are spam cluttering our inboxes. Google and Microsoft are always trying to fight these problems from segregating to user’s inbox.

Text Messages however doesn’t face such problems because as soon as the phone rings the user grabs it and sees the messages. Also, the phone keeps alerting until the user sees the message. This means there is 100% possibility that the user will see the message. Even though the rates of SMS Marketing are way higher than emails, the rate of success is a package deal that comes with campaign. You are more likely to gain attention of the consumers via text messages than an email. Plus, none of your message will be spammed or considered some virus because they are sent via trusted & verified SMS service providers.

People here in Nepal are yet not well known about the power of SMS Advertising but who has realized it have actually implemented it to increase their business. If you are a client looking for an agency to promote your business via SMS Advertising you have arrived at the right place. provides the best SMS service at the best prices out here in Nepal. Contact Us and promote your business today, tomorrow & forever.

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