7 Sectors Where Bulk SMS is Most Productive

bulk sms

Bulk Messaging and SMS Advertising is found to be most effective source of gaining customers attention in a short time. Not only ROI but with potentiality of receiving genuine users, Messaging Systems are manifesting insurgency in today’s digital market. It ain’t far until it will be uprising together with the sea. Nevertheless, Bulk Messaging Services are widely used in different sectors for personal as well as business growth. Some include:

Bulk SMS in Elections:

Elections appear every 5 year, right? Well, National Elections to be more precise. Different political parties go town to town for their advertisements. What all of them say is “vote us” but no one says “come vote, it’s your right”. Your phone is smart, but are you? Some people don’t go for voting because they are unable, some don’t care, some just are busy doing their personal work. And all these people who didn’t even vote today will argue on political discussions about why our country is not developing tomorrow. What is the future we are looking at here?

People need to realize what they will be into if they don’t take the right decision today. People need to be perceived. Bulk Messaging awareness programs must be executed for successful election. You don’t call an election successful with 50% of total voting.

Bulk SMS can come in real handy for different political parties for digital advertising of their parties. We haven’t forgot the “Ncell scam”, have we? Parties used bulk SMS marketing, didn’t pay back to the company, company got cased in the court by Government for not paying taxes and on & on.

Bulk SMS in Education:

There is a saying among SMS users “A right SMS in the wrong place can change one’s world”. Knowledge is what differentiates humans from animals. A person without proper education is an unknown person. You can grow a boy but education makes him a man, a man who takes responsibilities for his activities. To be honest, you study for years & years, achieves a degree, get a job. Does that make you well educated? No! Degree is a just a piece of paper, education is seen in your behavior. Grow a child, not with just care but manners.

Education system today has drastic change than 15 or 20 years ago. Hundreds of Institutes, Colleges, Consultancies, Training Centers are available.. Learning platform are growing and indeed have become more interesting. Over the year’s technology has made it easier to communicate & share data. When it comes to dispersing important notices to students, parents or teachers, Bulk SMS saves it all. From setting up parents – teacher meetings to announcement of result it, Bulk SMS is a savior. As a quick method for communication and an interactive tool in education industry SMS tech has improved the messaging system. Institutions also use SMS services to announce anniversaries, special days, publicize ads, schedule event and much more.

Bulk SMS in Hotels & Restaurants:

Thousands of Hotels & Restaurants have already geared up their sales with SMS Marketing. Guest reservation has been much easier and communication gap between customers and businesses have been widely reduced. Hotel promotions have been much effective with Bulk SMS services with detail broadcasting of accommodations, services, rooms and much more.

Tourists who visit or stay on hotels are now accompanied with better hospitality, fast and efficient services. Now more than ever you don’t even have to worry about physical promotions from door to door. Also for any pest control emergency, SMS can be greatly effective than any other method. Advertisement of restaurants with food specialty and location through bulk SMS alone is just enough to drive hundreds of customers every day.

Bulk SMS in Banking:

We still haven’t forgotten the days when we had to stand in queues for hours to get a cheque cleared or even just to make a bank statement. Proud to say those days are over now due to advancement in messaging system. Banks are now leaning towards the goal of customer satisfaction. Various mobile technologies have been adopted by most of the banks today providing users an easy and hassle-free transactions and enquiries.

Banks have acquired Messaging services for:

  • Sending payment alerts to customers mobile
  • Sending credit/debit bank statements
  • Sending transaction complete messages
  • Account balance enquiries, verifications, and cash with drawl

Banks tend to provide real time data and analysis reports to their customers via messaging system. You can now perform almost all of your banking tasks just from your mobile. As easy as it gets you don’t have to worry about holidays or bank closing.

Bulk SMS in E-commerce:

E-commerce is one of those things that changed the way world operated few years back. People no longer visit stores to get products. And why would they when they are getting them delivered at their doorstep. No bargain, no hassle, it is what it is.

Almost every e-commerce site today uses messaging services for better customer reach. Bulk delivery of messages regarding the launch of new products has now been much easier unlike in the past where they had to advertise on newspapers and televisions. E-commerce business use messaging system to reach customers for:

  • New product launches
  • Special offers
  • Greetings
  • Emotional reach with festival wishes
  • Delivery details
  • Signups & transactions
  • Payment confirmations and much more

Brand promotion has now been much easier with Bulk SMS services. Just create an attractive message send it to your potential customers.

Bulk SMS in Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment is the biggest business industry in the world composing of Television, News, Radio, Movies, Music, Games, Travels and every other thing that entertains people. Entertainment industry has attracted almost every person in the world with its colorful pictures and digitization. Although creative and innovative ideas are what needs to be implemented for customer reach there are still plenty of fish in the river.

Promotions of new released song, newly releasing movie or launching new tv soap bulk messaging will cover all. Creators find message promotion much more effective & customer centric than any other digital media. SMS voting and polling is what audience are attracted to as they love to judge each other. How industry benefits from it? They bring out talent programs like ‘Nepal Got talent’ or ‘Nepal idol’ and leave it up to audience to vote and choose the winner.

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